About Us

Portclonia was started to make it easier for growers and retailers to obtain the strains,genetics, and quality plants consumers are looking for. We strive to keep the most popular strains in stock and custom order turnaround as low as possible. By offering online ordering, recurring orders, and custom orders, delivery, or local pickup we feel we are solving a pain point in this industry.


Portclonia provides high quality clones to medical recreational growers and retailers. Portclonia  makes it easy for growers and retailers to find the strains cannabis users want at the quality growers and retailers need. Whether you want to order online and have us deliver your order, or if you want to schedule a visit to come see us, we can accommodate you. 

For Growers we offer vegetation services. Order your clones from us and we can vegetate them until they are ready for the flowering process guaranteed mold and pest free. We offer delivery of ready to flower plants or pick up. 

I your ready to buy but just want to meet us and see what we’re all about we offer tours of our facility by appointment to licensed growers and retailers.


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